Advice and Information

When do babies start teething?

Your baby’s first tooth is one of those wonderful moments you experience as a parent. However, teething in general can be quite an ordeal. Some babies have very few problems while they’re teething, while others become fussy and difficult with the pain.

A question that is often asked by parents is “when will my baby start teething”. Yet, with most baby milestones - there isn’t a definitive answer and “normal” can cover quite a long period. Babies tend to do things in their own time.

The best way to help sore and or tender gums is a teething toy. This method really takes the top spot. A study suggested that the most relief could be provided by a solid plastic ring that your baby can chew on compared with the other methods they tested. The science is that a rising tooth gets counterpressure by pushing down on a teether. This method is widely recommended, particularly chilled items, and is recorded for working.

Why choose Mumby mushroom teethers?

Our playful teethers for babies three months and over are designed and proven to stimulate baby’s senses and develop their hand-to-eye coordination. What’s more, all our Mamella teethers come in a range of colours, Pink, Green, Blue & Orange. The self-soothing textured teething toys, made from BPA free non- toxic silicone, are soft enough to relieve teething pain and just the right size for little hands

How do I clean Mumby teething toys?

Babies interact with their environment through touching and tasting. However, as a parent it is crucial to guard them against the spread of germs and disease. When it comes to toys intended for a baby’s mouth, hygiene and safety are extremely important for parents.

When parents realise the amount of germs and bacteria toys can accumulate, the first question they will ask is how to clean toys. This is an even bigger problem for parents who have little babies whose immune systems are weaker and less developed.

Boiling water and dishwasher - This is a traditional, tried and tested method at Mamella and safe for the little ones. To kill the germs, boil the toys in water or a dishwasher for about 5 minutes and allow the toy to cool completely before giving them back to the baby. This method works well for our Mumby.

Baking soda and water - Are also safe options. For this method, make and use a mixture of water and baking soda to clean or wipe any dirt off the toy. Once the toy is rinsed and cleaned, the teether can be used again by the baby.